Additional Services

We offer a range of additional services to assist you further in the smooth running of your organisation. 

Boxing of Records

We collect records from anywhere in the UK.  Our uniformed staff use our own fleet of modern vehicles to attend premises at an agreed time, box the records and return them to our depot or a UK location of your choice for secure storage. 

We appreciate that when attending third party sites on your behalf we are portraying an image for your organisation, and therefore a professional, punctual and courteous service is always provided.

Sorting and Listing of Records

Often organisations do not find the time to list the contents of cartons prior to placing them into storage.  

Our fully trained and experienced staff are able to carry out this task on your behalf.

Records can be sorted and listed, often known as catalogued and indexed.  A schedule detailing the carton contents, its storage location and your reference number if applicable, will be forwarded upon completion. Each schedule is consistent, giving the option to search for key words and file names when necessary.

By using this service we enable you and your staff to find specific documents speedily, thereby freeing up valuable time to continue with other daily duties.


We collate and update data on a daily basis and are able to provide you with reports upon requests.

All reports can be constructed with as much or as little detail as required and can include information such as: 

  • Quantity of cartons stored on your behalf
  • Date cartons came into store
  • Date cartons are to be destroyed (if previously advised by yourselves)
  • Date cartons have been permanently released to third parties
  • Carton tracking service 

Inspection Facilities

A private inspection room with photocopying facilities is available for you or your clients to examine the contents of cartons when required.

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