Secure Storage

All documents are securely stored in a single location near the Essex, Hertfordshire border close to London. 

Our brick-built warehouse without windows for maximum security, is kept meticulously clean. Our security management system includes steel fireproof shutter doors, security gates locked overnight, and a full alarm system linked via Redcare to the police, installed and maintained by an NSI approved organisation. 

Cartons are stored in custom-made floor to ceiling racking divided into individual bays over two levels. Each storage space within the bay has a unique ’lodgement code’.  This code is allocated to each and every carton when logged into our system. The lodgement code is then partnered with our clients’ reference system (if applicable), enabling instant tracking of each carton at any time. Every carton receives an individually allocated storage space, from the point of lodgement to either destruction or permanent retrieval, regardless of whether it is recalled from storage during its life cycle. 

A schedule detailing the lodgement code(s) and any client references (if applicable) is forwarded to your office. This gives you security in the knowledge that your valuable documents have been safely incorporated into our system, and can be instantly located and retrieved. Our thorough and established system ensures that the turnaround period for requests is always kept to an absolute minimum. 


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